Picolino 1.9

Picolino lets you easily create and share photo albums
2014.1.9 (See all)

Picolino is a simple tool that allows you to create photo albums and share them online with whomever you want. The main characteristic of the app is its simplicity. By letting you quickly and easily create and upload albums, the program enables you to show your pictures to anyone you want in a really simple manner. This tool doesn’t have many options and features, but the few available ones are quite handy. For example, it enables you to protect the created album with a password, helping you ensure that only the people you choose to know the password will be able to view the uploaded album.

Once uploaded, the albums can be easily shared either by distributing their direct link or by posting that link on websites like Facebook or Twitter. As you can see, Picolino truly makes photo sharing easy and convenient.

Though lightweight, simple and neat, it also features some image manipulation functions: it's able to automatically correct image parameters such as gray, sepia or contrast values. Anyway, besides these basic optimization options, there are no other additional tools and features. Even so, I think Picolino represents a good choice for anyone whenever the need to share photos with ease.

Margie Smeer
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  • Lets you protect the albums using passwords
  • Very easy-to-use
  • Neat and lightweight


  • Lacks a proper offline help file
  • Very few options
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